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This roadmap guides our development efforts, to help the whole community pull together and work on what's most important.

Roadmap Philosophy

We're approaching Genesis development from an Agile perspective. While Agile processes don't map well onto a massively distributed team, the base philosophies still hold. We have a strong vision for where we want to go. But we know we'll learn new things as we go, and our vision will adjust. When that happens, the roadmap will adjust too. This is a good thing, especially when for a community-driven project.

So, this roadmap is very much a living document. More than any other project, it will change based on input, learning, and other factors, both within and outside our control.

For that reason, phases 2-4 are only lightly described, and do not have dates attached. As we get closer to the end of a phase, we'll make the roadmap for the next phases more granular. We will likely break phases down into smaller phases. We will also begin to post a "what are we working on now" list

Phase 0

Q3-Q4, 2021

This phase is all about getting set up, and launching the core pieces of the Genesis ecosystem: Contracts, Community, and Mining Claims.

  • Smart contracts & core tech
  • Genesis Hub
  • Genesis community kickoff
  • Gallery World 3d experience
  • Mining Claim sale

Phase 1: Pre-production

Q1-Q2, 2022

This phase marks the start of prototyping and pre-production, and serious community involvement in game, content, and tools development.

  • Gameplay exploration & prototyping
  • Game dev tools pre-production
  • Creator recruitment
  • First governance votes
  • Build content - history, lore, 3d models, and much, much more

Phase 2: Tools & Content

This phase marks the start of operations for the Genesis Foundation, and the start of full game pre-production, with funding flowing from the Genesis Foundation for the first time. We'll start to see a meaningful ramp-up in the number and quality of playable experiences.

  • Genesis Foundation in place
  • Core Dev Team recruited
  • Significant advances in game dev tooling
  • Game production begins
  • Playable world experiences are released

Phase 3: Full Production

This phase marks the creator economy coming into full force, and the first multiplayer and multi-world experiences launching.

  • Genesis Land sales begin
  • Game production continues
  • Multi-world quests released

Phase 4: Live Operations

This phase marks the broad launch of Genesis as a viable mobile and desktop gaming experience.

  • Genesis launches on mobile & desktop
  • Game development will never end

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