Genesis Vision : Culture | Community | Governance | Tokenomics | Roadmap


Genesis is a multicreator gaming universe, with a diverse community working together to achieve a common goal: A metaverse that will still be growing, evolving, and actively played in 100 years.

To achieve this, development and management of Genesis will be decentralized, with governance decisions guided by the Genesis Foundation, and voted on by players using the GENESIS token. Genesis will run as a nonprofit, with all assets owned by and revenue earned by the Genesis Foundation reinvested in the long-term success of the game.

The Worlds

Genesis is filled with hundreds ofworlds, each one with a unique theme and gameplay experience, and each crafted by a group of community members with shared interests.

Everything in Genesis is community-created. Players will travel from world to world, to complete player-created quests, with player-created enemies in player-created environments.

NFTs, DeFi, Gaming, and the Metaverse

Genesis Worlds sits at the intersection of NFTs, DeFi, gaming, and the metaverse. Each of these has the potential to be a $100Bn market or bigger. Together, the potential is far greater, and the approach we’re taking allows every creator in the Genesis community to unlock that potential.

The purpose of Genesis Worlds is not profit, but to execute on its core vision: An RPG gaming metaverse which will grow and evolve over the next 100 years and beyond. The Genesis Worlds founders, creators, and investors will not be getting rich on the back of the success of Genesis Worlds. This is a massive benefit to the Genesis Worlds community - instead of large amounts of money being taken out of the ecosystem to provide profits, every single dollar, Ether, and GENESIS earned will be reinvested into the ecosystem.

While “we’re doing everything we can to never make a profit” would be a terrible investment pitch, we’re not asking you for investment. We’re asking you to buy into the vision for Genesis, and join us to create something amazing and enduring.

The Game, Community, and Culture

There hasn’t ever been a startup, game, metaverse, defi, or nft project quite like Genesis. A decentralized game, developed by community members, that will still be around 100 years in the future. When we’re creating something like Genesis, we have to start thinking differently. Genesis encompasses a lot of things: Community, startup, game, metaverse, defi, nft, culture, vision, IP, software, and more. So where should we start? With the “why” and the “how” - the vision for the game, the culture, and the community.

Work in Progress

The Genesis Hub is very much a work in progress. Our current focus is on ensuring the White Paper and Vision section is clearly written and explains the project well. Your input is critical, so if you see something you think could be better, reach out to us:

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