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Building a strong culture for Genesis and its community is our #1 goal. If we get this right, everything else falls into place. Firstly, we’re building for the long term. Most companies don’t think 10 years into the future - we’re looking 10 times that far. That changes where you focus. Culture and community become incredibly important elements, to maintain continuity across 5 generations.

Secondly, you're the hero of this story. There’s no time where you’ll have more impact on Genesis than right now. While we’re growing, everything is fair game - you can get involved and make real differences to gameplay, metaverse features, IP, nfts, collectibles, and more. So, when we use the word "we", we're talking about you, and everyone in the community that you're now a part of.

The three pillars of Genesis culture are Creativity, Collaboration, and Inclusion. Each is equally important to building a lasting game.


The first pillar of Genesis culture is Creativity. Genesis, as a game, as a metaverse, as an IP, will never stop growing, changing, and evolving with the times. And the creativity of the Genesis community is what will keep it fresh, new, and exciting. To support that growth, we must all foster a creative environment where new ideas are celebrated, implemented, and enjoyed.


The second pillar is collaboration. The Genesis community is not an “every person for themselves” group. It’s a community of diverse individuals working together to achieve a common goal. Genesis will succeed when we encourage and incentivize groups to form, grow, and work on projects together. We’ll help community members find groups and teams that can utilize their talents. And we’ll watch each other’s backs. If we see issues that affect other peoples’ experiences, we’ll help them overcome those issues, and help the wider community prevent those issues in the future.


The third pillar of Genesis culture is inclusion. A broad base of diverse members will create a more vibrant and exciting community. Diversity on its own, though, isn't enough. Genesis needs a constant influx of new community members, who believe in the Genesis vision, and take on progressively more responsibility. We need to actively bring them into the community, ensure that they know their way around, know the culture, and get them involved. The new recruits of today are the community leaders of tomorrow.

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